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  1. Some of the most common types of tests are hydrostatic test, burst test, tensile strength, Charpy impact test and pressure cycling.
  2. "' Georges Charpy "', full name "'Georges Augustin Albert Charpy "'( 1 September 1865 & ndash; 25 November 1945 ) was the French scientist who created the Charpy impact test.
  3. Separation of the various metals from the " kera " was traditionally performed by breaking it apart with small hammers dropped from a certain height, and then examining the fractures, in a process similar to the modern Charpy impact test.
  4. The ductile brittle transition temperature ( DBTT ), nil ductility temperature ( NDT ), or nil ductility transition temperature of a metal is the temperature at which the fracture energy passes below a predetermined value ( for steels typically 40 J for a standard Charpy impact test ).
  5. There are other means of estimating or measuring fracture toughness by the following : The Charpy impact test per ASTM A370; The crack-tip opening displacement ( CTOD ) test per BS 7448-1; The J integral test per ASTM E1820; The Pellini drop-weight test per ASTM E208.
  6. (MDMT ) M is the lowest temperature permitted according to the metallurgy of the vessel fabrication materials and the thickness of the vessel component, that is, according to the low temperature embrittlement range and the charpy impact test requirements per temperature and thickness, for each one of the vessel's components.
  7. In these examples,'S'denotes structural rather than engineering steel; 275 or 355 denotes the yield strength in newtons per square millimetre or the equivalent megapascals; J2 or K2 denotes the materials toughness by reference to Charpy impact test values; and the'W'denotes quenched and tempered steel ('Q'or'QL'); and thermomechanically rolled steel ('M'or'ML').
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