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  1. He awakens outside, lying next to Charlock's dead body and surrounded by policemen.
  2. Charlock Farmhouse, Foscote House and Hill House were all built for the estate in about 1840.
  3. At the edge of the small Shark Cove I find dandelions, charlock, chicory and curled dock.
  4. The bus arrives in Charlock Bay and both Poirot and Hastings and Miss Durrant book into the Anchor Hotel.
  5. Doc searches the premises for Charlock, but he is knocked on the head with a baseball bat and collapses.
  6. Flowers in the meadow include hoary cress, charlock and ox-eye daisy, and there are many species of butterflies.
  7. Christian F . " Bigfoot " Bjornsen, who informs Doc that Glen Charlock has been shot dead and that Mickey has vanished.
  8. Topped with a sprinkling of the small, mustard-yellow charlock flowers, my salads take on the sparkle and savor of sunlight.
  9. The Dragonlord is a dragon who rules from Charlock Castle, which is visible from Tantegel Castle, the game's starting point.
  10. The protagonist, Felix Charlock, finds himself increasingly tied to the multinational corporation Merlins, which is most often simply called The Firm.


  1. weedy Eurasian plant often a pest in grain fields
    synonyms:, , , ,

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