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• आवेश वितरण
charge:    चार्ज़ चिंता पद
distribution:    वितरण विभाजन
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  1. Conversely, a charge distribution can be approximated by many small point charges.
  2. Therefore, the above theorem implies that the electric charge distribution ).
  3. The arrangement of solvent molecules depends on the charge distribution on the reactants.
  4. The total symmetry of the dianion is a consequence of charge distribution and aromaticity.
  5. These force fields are able to account for changes in the molecular charge distribution.
  6. This discovery demonstrated that PEDF has an asymmetrical charge distribution across the whole protein.
  7. All electrified interfaces induce an organized charge distribution near the surface known as the electrical double layer.
  8. The potential inside the sphere will be dependent only upon the true charge distribution inside the sphere.
  9. This means that real charge distribution and required solvent polarization are not in an " equilibrium ".
  10. The second is a method for influencing the electrical charge distribution in weather patterns such as meso-cyclones.
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