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charge:    चार्ज़ चिंता पद
density:    ऊटपटांग गाढ़ापन
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  1. The charge density is not actually concentrated in a delta function.
  2. which is nonzero for a time-varying charge density.
  3. This is one explanation for charge density waves in solids.
  4. This is because it reduces the intake charge density.
  5. If the charge density is zero, then Laplace's equation results.
  6. The infinite constant gives the Dirac sea an infinite energy and charge density.
  7. This may limit the charge density inside IEC devices.
  8. Charge density and current density are creating them both.
  9. The charge density makes it well suited for flocculation.
  10. In this case the charge density is given by
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