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• आवेश युग्मित युक्ति
• चार्ज युग्मित युक्ति
charge:    चार्ज़ चिंता पद
coupled:    युग्मित संयोजित
device:    साधन उपकरण जंतर
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  1. The image is usually acquired by a charge coupled device ( CCD ) camera.
  2. As the integrated circuits, known as charge coupled devices or CCDs, became miniaturized, so did cameras.
  3. In the 1990s development of charge coupled device ( CCD ) imagers to read barcodes was pioneered by Welch Allyn.
  4. Most digital cameras used a " charge coupled device " of pixel-sized receptors to gather light coming through the lens.
  5. Arrays of detectors, such as charge coupled devices ( CCD ) or photodiode arrays ( PDA ) can also be used.
  6. Applying the latest technology, Gunn designed an electronic camera incorporating sensors known as charge coupled devices to be mounted on the Palomar telescope.
  7. Charged Coupled Device ( CCD ) Many desktop scanners use CCD technology to measure the light reflected off or transmitted from the media.
  8. Because the camera's light-sensitive charged coupled device is smaller than the format used for 35-millimeter films, exceptionally precise optics had to be developed.
  9. More recently, fiberoptic scopes have been replaced by bronchoscopes with a charge coupled device ( CCD ) video chip located at their distal extremity.
  10. Typically this is achieved by utilizing a fluorescent yttrium aluminum garnet ( YAG ) crystal in combination with a charge coupled device ( CCD ) camera.
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