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• आवेश संरक्षण
charge:    चार्ज़ चिंता पद
conservation:    रक्षण संरक्षण
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  1. Again, the second equation implies charge conservation ( in curved spacetime ):
  2. This is the ultimate theoretical origin of charge conservation.
  3. This is a big difference with Maxwell equations that require only charge conservation.
  4. The charge conservation allows the decay of the ball into Q particles exactly.
  5. Gauge symmetry is closely related to charge conservation.
  6. In electromagnetic theory, the continuity equation is an empirical law expressing ( local ) charge conservation.
  7. There is charge conservation though . talk ) 10 : 37, 28 September 2008 ( UTC)
  8. The Higgs condensate in this model has infinitesimal charge, so interactions with the Higgs boson do not violate charge conservation.
  9. Mathematically it is an automatic consequence of Maxwell's equations, although charge conservation is more fundamental than Maxwell's equations.
  10. In special relativity, the statement of charge conservation is that the Lorentz invariant divergence of " J " is zero:
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