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• रास्ता दिखाना
• दिशा देना
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  1. Via the Little Sioux and channelized for much of its length.
  2. Temescal Creek near the mouth area is channelized with concrete linings.
  3. Portions of the creek and its many small branches are channelized.
  4. In the United States and its Dependencies, channelized USB is mandatory.
  5. Macoupin Creek has been channelized near its junction with the Illinois River.
  6. Even a little saving can go a long way if channelized correctly.
  7. Spring Brook flows across the channelized in a large open concrete channel.
  8. Leach Creek is highly urbanized and may be channelized in some locations.
  9. The stream was being channelized as early as the 1930s.
  10. All creeks within the city limits have been channelized.
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  1. cause to form a channel; "channelize a stream"
  2. send from one person or place to another; "transmit a message"
    synonyms:, , , ,
  3. make a channel for; provide with a channel; "channelize the country for better transportation"
  4. direct the course; determine the direction of travelling
    synonyms:, , , , , , , ,

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