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  1. BET Holdings, based in Washington, D . C ., owns the cable channel Black Entertainment Television.
  2. Shown on the cable channel Black Starz last year, it has its broadcast premiere Wednesday night on PBS.
  3. BET Holdings, based in Washington, owns the cable channel Black Entertainment Television as well as a jazz music cable channel.
  4. Outlets with predominantly African-American audiences, such as the cable channel Black Entertainment Television and several stations in Detroit and New Orleans have purchased time, he said.
  5. But it also carries a 16-channel black box, which last month detailed a stunning secret about the Flyer's " flight envelope, " the conditions under which it can stay airborne.
  6. "A Huey P . Newton Story, " which debuts Monday on the premium movie channel Black Starz ! and will air next season on PBS, fleshes out a man who has largely been reduced to an angry, clenched-fist symbol of 1960s social upheaval.
  7. In October 2013, in celebration of their two-year anniversary, Dayna was invited to partner with the fast-rising YouTube channel Black & Sexy . TV to produce a fun parody trailer of the hit Netflix series " Orange Is The New Black " entitled Orange IS The New Black ( and Sexy ).

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