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परिवर्ती स्वर
changing:    एवज़ बदल देना
note:    शब्द छोटी चिठ्ठी
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  1. In 1915, two kinds of small change notes were issued.
  2. The redbacks and change notes were redeemed and cut-cancelled.
  3. That stricter attitude is just one change noted in the 1996 survey.
  4. The changes noted by the two methods corresponded well, the study said.
  5. Koll, another skeptic, said : " You can play around with changing notes.
  6. Some other changes noted in the report:
  7. The announcement of this change noted that:
  8. In a supplement to the prospectus for those funds, Schwab disclosed the changes noted above.
  9. I've focused on one small part of the changes noted above-the release date.
  10. There are also preprogrammed popular and classical selections that users can tinker with by changing notes and sounds.
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