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cell cycle sentence in Hindi

कोशिका चक्र
cell:    बिल कुटीर बैटरी
cycle:    कालचक्र युग
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  1. Epixenosomes possess two distinct developmental phases linked to the host cell cycle.
  2. CKS1B and CKS2 proteins have demonstrated principal roles in cell cycle regulation.
  3. The presence of p27 inhibits the activation of cell cycle regulatory kinases.
  4. Only one procentriole forms next to each centriole during a cell cycle.
  5. Rapamycin arrests fungal activity at the G1 phase of the cell cycle.
  6. MAD1L1 may play a role in cell cycle control and tumor suppression.
  7. Hoechst dyes can be used with BrdU to monitor cell cycle progression.
  8. This results in activation of p21 which results in cell cycle arrest.
  9. Durations of the cell cycle and mitosis vary in different cell types.
  10. Fission may occur spontaneously, in the course of the vegetative cell cycle.
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