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कोशिका संचार
cell:    बिल कुटीर बैटरी
communication:    सन्देश खबर समाचार
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  1. This mechanism would eventually be used for cell-cell communication in animals
  2. N-acyl amides are primarily involved in cell-to-cell communication in biological systems.
  3. Li speculates that EMF spikes could cause miscarriages by subtly disrupting cell-to-cell communication.
  4. This is not a scientifically recognized method of cell communication.
  5. Sarin is a nerve agent that disrupts nerve cell communication.
  6. These data highlight the importance of GFAP for cell-cell communication.
  7. Therefore, it is implied that there are multiple factors working together influencing cell-to-cell communication.
  8. In June 2012, " Cell Communication and Signaling " received its first impact factor.
  9. Some cell cell communication requires direct cell cell contact.
  10. This 15-gene operon is responsible for the cell-cell and cell-surface interactions required for cell communication.
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