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  1. Here the spermatocytes pass through the basal membrane via the sertoli cell barrier.
  2. Despite the epithelial barrier, some antigens are able to infiltrate the M cell barrier and infect the nearby epithelial cells or enter the gut.
  3. The player has to attempt to maintain a cell barrier between itself and the possibly multiple, possibly mobile Nucleus enemies, while harvesting as much protein as possible in order to fight them back.
  4. Thomas S, Mercado JM, DuHadaway J, DiGuilio K, Mullin JM, and Prendergast GC ( 2016 ) .  Novel colitis immunotherapy targets Bin1 and improves colon cell barrier function .  Digestive Diseases and Sciences 61 : 423-432 . doi : 10.1007 / s10620-015-3804-8
  5. Activated protein C binds to endothelial protein C receptor and subsequently cleaves the endothelial cell protease activated receptor-1, not only altering coagulation profiles but down-regulating pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic mediators, up-regulation of anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic pathways and stabilization of the endothelial cell barrier functions.

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