cavity accelerator meaning in Hindi

cavity accelerator sentence in Hindi

कोटर त्वरक
cavity:    कोटर कोटरिका
accelerator:    त्वरक त्वरित्र
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  1. In this paper , we study an alternative approach by numerical calculation . at first , we introduce the fundamental principles and the basic components of the electron linear . second , we introduce a way of coupler testing - - three frequency method . and present a example of coupler testing . third , we use numerical calculation method to simulate several accelerator structures . the hfss code and mafia code is used to simulate a three - cavity accelerator structure . the two results are compared
  2. We use hfss code to simulate a four - cavity and eight - cavity accelerator structure . the results are compared with the tesing results of the network analytical apparatus . finally , we present the numerical calculation of hfss code to design accelerator coupler cavity and we give out the whole processes and results

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