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  1. A significant subclass of class 1 weak verbs were causative verbs.
  2. This latter group can be said to undergo change into a causative verb.
  3. Mixtec causative verbs are indicated by the prefix " s-".
  4. The causative verb | | YE | | comes after ( uninflected ) stems to form a causative construction.
  5. That method of forming causative verbs is no longer productive in the modern Germanic languages, but many relics remain.
  6. Causative verbs are verb forms modified by a prefix indicating that the action is performed by the agent of the phrase.
  7. Causative verbs are transitive, meaning that they occur with a direct object, and they express that the subject causes a change of state in the object.
  8. There is no difference in future and present causative verbs, but the past tense is invariably indicated by adding the particle " ni-".
  9. Basic noun gender suffixes, imperfective verb suffixes, the causative verb suffix  g followed by a vowel, and the intransitive verb prefix N-are considered toneless.
  10. The aorist system stem actually has three different formations : the simple aorist, the reduplicating aorist ( semantically related to the causative verb ), and the sibilant aorist.

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