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  1. For example, cars often allow camber and caster angle adjustments, just like their real-life counterparts.
  2. The high caster angle has been reduced, which in turn reduces the wheelbase from 100 " to 99.4 ".
  3. The only adjustable areas on the cars are : camber angle, caster angle, ride height, tire pressure, spring rates, wheelbase, and gearing.
  4. Preliminary specifications showing that the Fury had a rake ( caster angle ) of 38 degrees were later corrected to show the angle as 32 degrees.
  5. What made it so was not so much a matter of suspension geometry, caster angles, steering rates or lateral grip, though the car was magnificently engineered.
  6. The "'steering axis angle "', also called caster angle or head angle, is the angle that the steering axis makes with the horizontal or vertical, depending on convention.
  7. The magnitude of this torque can be calculated as the product of the mechanical trail is given by ( trail + pneumatic trail ) * cos ( caster angle ) * Fy.
  8. :The " automatic steering " the OP mentions is caused by the Caster angle that is deliberately designed in to such vehicles : obviously it can't apply to an independent unmounted rolling disk such as a coin.
  9. Advantages claimed for the system included superior maintenance of wheel alignment from the wide spread of the lower A-arm, a permanent fixing of the caster angle, and an increased percentage of the braking force transmitted to the frame through the torque arm.
  10. Front-wheel alignment was made easier with and with greater accuracy by moving the camber adjustment from the upper to the lower control arm on the double wishbone suspension, and the caster angle adjustments also moved from the upper control arm to the drag strut.

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