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  1. Over each opening to the verandahs are high level narrow casement windows.
  2. Double sets of casement windows are located either side of this door.
  3. Positioned above the stairs in the rear wall are three casement windows.
  4. A single two light casement window lights the interior of the garrets.
  5. The narrow timber casement windows have hopper panels above and timber shutters.
  6. Casement windows in the third floor let in additional light from within.
  7. The date of construction is etched in one of the casement windows.
  8. Casement windows have sashes that are hinged at the top and bottom.
  9. Barns were outfitted with diamond-paned casement windows, cupolas, dormers and leaded fanlights.
  10. Either side of this entrance door is a pair of casement windows.


  1. a window with one or more casements

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