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  1. The third distal carpus is fused with the remaining carpal bones.
  2. It is situated at the upper and ulnar side of the carpus.
  3. Concussive forces run from the carpus or tarsus into the splint bones.
  4. The second pair is distinctive for having four segments on the carpus.
  5. The carpus bears no teeth on the anterior margin.
  6. It has large carpus of pereopod than merus.
  7. Carpitis is caused by overextension of the carpus.
  8. The second legs are equal, they reach with the carpus beyond the antennular peduncle.
  9. Instead of a bystander, Agathonice is a key witness in Carpus's trial.
  10. After Carpus is put to death, she was ordered to sacrifice to their gods.


  1. a joint between the distal end of the radius and the proximal row of carpal bones
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