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अंतर्हृद् शोथ
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  1. Non-neurologic manifestations of acute rheumatic fever are carditis, arthritis, erythema marginatum, and subcutaneous nodules.
  2. In rheumatic fever, these lesions can be found in any layer of the heart causing different types of carditis.
  3. Leonard Gillespie, Surgeon to the Fleet, wrote in 1804 that pneumonia was common with some cases becoming fatal carditis.
  4. Other causes include carditis, endocarditis, myocarditis, and pericarditis whose symptoms were slight or ignored, or were asymptomatic.
  5. In some rheumatic fever patients, autoantibodies may attack heart tissue, leading to carditis, or cross-react with joints, leading to arthritis.
  6. Although he was suffered with carditis and played just in 2 Extraliga games during all the 2010-11 season, he reached a silver medal.
  7. If aggressive treatment is offered immediately and no complications arise ( shock, AMI or arrhythmia, heart failure, aneurysm, carditis, embolism, or rupture ), or they are dealt with quickly and fully contained, then adequate survival is still a distinct possibility.
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  1. inflammation of the heart

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