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  1. He was an editor for the Monumenta Germaniae Historica of capitularies.
  2. Capitularies governing its use appear from the year 803 onwards.
  3. II the scattered capitularies of a date posterior to 828.
  4. On 14 June 877, Charles issued the famous Capitulary of Quierzy.
  5. A capitulary of 802 gives insight into their duties.
  6. The cathedral's Capitulary Library contains valuable manuscripts.
  7. After the reign of Louis the Pious the capitularies became long and diffuse.
  8. What is the original Latin name of the capitulary?
  9. In 853, he participated in the Capitulary of Servais as " Rudolph.
  10. The text of the capitulary can be found in Herlihy's History of Feudalism.


  1. of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter; "capitular estates"

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