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  1. The society does not accept any donation or capitation fee against admissions.
  2. None of the educational institutions under the Trust Board collects capitation fees.
  3. Pasupathy becomes rich and powerful by giving admissions by getting capitation fees.
  4. Further, allowing charging capitation fee violates Article 14 of the constitution of India.
  5. Some institutions add the capitation fee along with the fee approved by regulatory norms.
  6. The court further stated that the capitation fee was simply a price for selling education.
  7. Ample evidence to the collection of capitation fee exist.
  8. Capitation fee has been one of the major contributors to corruption in education and society.
  9. The capitation fees was based on the number of patients the GP had on his list.
  10. Income Tax Department has been conducting raids on some of the organisations that take capitation fee.

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