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  1. What makes O'Brien always interesting is the very capaciousness of his mind.
  2. Despite the capaciousness of the house, all the wives share a central kitchen.
  3. But only Nabokov, born on Shakespeare's birthday, has the capaciousness of spirit to turn his lectures into works of art.
  4. Sherman's volatility and capaciousness of mind take him to all of Beethoven's extremes while savoring the caprice and certainty of all the spaces in between.
  5. The compulsion to impose order on frazzled lives, coupled with technology's capaciousness, has made electronic organizers a much-loved accessory in the late 1990s.
  6. Instead of dwelling on the limitations and frustrations of the idea of alternative black pop, it might be better to focus on its positive side : its incredible capaciousness.
  7. Those who have will learn less, but they will learn nonetheless, certainly about the liveliness and capaciousness of Wilson's mind and the nature of the curiosity that has always fueled it.
  8. It was impossible to see everything at what is the largest festival of its kind in North America, and it was also impossible not to be struck by the elasticity and capaciousness of the documentary form.
  9. The beauty of the term is at once its capaciousness and its pliancy; a media mogul can toss it around to sell air time while across the country a politician is using it to intimidate an opponent.
  10. The very capaciousness of Raban's interests gives his account a dense and tangled quality, but within every thicket there is the kind of intellectual precision that makes going along on this unromantic adventure very worthwhile.
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