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  1. Sibley for the first time acknowledged Cap Rock as a lobby client.
  2. There is no monument at Cap Rock noting Parsons'cremation at the site.
  3. The even quality of Chardonnay from Cap Rock Winery in Lubbock is consistently reliable.
  4. The formation is capped off by the Ahmadi Cap rock.
  5. Cap Rock officials made it much harder to vote against the deal, she said.
  6. Cap Rock's award-winning blush wine, Cabernet Royale 1994, is pleasantly aggressive in dry fruit flavor.
  7. Nolan's route took him past the Llano's eastern rugged cap rock northwest toward Bull Creek.
  8. What was taken for cap rock were, in fact, large boulders buried in the hillside.
  9. Stone buildings were built from limestone quarried from the cap rock of the west mountain.
  10. Their music fell somewhere between the pure muscle-pop of Oasis, and the thinking-cap rock of Radiohead.

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