canyon wind meaning in Hindi

canyon wind sentence in Hindi

कैनियन पवन
गभीरखड्ड पवन
canyon:    कैनियन खड्ड घाटी
wind:    पवन सांस फटकना हवा
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  1. The Southwest will be sunny and warmer with gusty canyon winds.
  2. The hot canyon winds are coming up and creating quite bit of turbulence.
  3. Record heat and gusty canyon winds will aggravate the forest-fire problems in California.
  4. The hot canyon winds are coming up and creating quite a bit of turbulence.
  5. Canyon winds in Southern California may gust over 70 mph.
  6. For now, only Plum Creek Cellars and Canyon Wind Cellars ship to the California market.
  7. The erratic Canyon winds made a better example.
  8. Gusty canyon winds will persist in southern California.
  9. Canyon winds will gust over 60 mph.
  10. Fine late-autumn weather will dominate the Southwest, though canyon winds will still be gusty in southern California.
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