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[ 'kænən ] sound:
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  1. It was the cheapest of shots from the loosest of cannons.
  2. It looked as if Lewis was shot out of a cannon.
  3. Paradoxically, Cannon was reluctant to release the picture at first.
  4. Cannon remembers taking Hall hunting when the pilot was about 14.
  5. But in the long run, another Speaker Cannon is improbable.
  6. The Americans answered with cannon and heavy machine-gun fire.
  7. Their guns sounded like cannons and our guns sounded like popguns.
  8. Finally, a shot fired from a cannon started the race!
  9. Originally, it was equipped with eight cannons of varying sizes.
  10. He darted through the line as though shot from a cannon.
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  1. a shot in billiards in which the cue ball contacts one object ball and then the other
  2. lower part of the leg extending from the hock to the fetlock in hoofed mammals
  3. a large artillery gun that is usually on wheels
  4. heavy automatic gun fired from an airplane
  5. (Middle Ages) a cylindrical piece of armor plate to protect the arm
  6. heavy gun fired from a tank
  1. fire a cannon
  2. make a cannon

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