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  1. The earliest sculpture in the room is the 1950-51 " Fish, " welded steel painted cadmium red.
  2. Top row shows his usual colors : titanium white, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue and cadmium red light.
  3. It consists of a brass bar over a series of five steel boxes in Judd's signature cadmium red.
  4. :" Cadmium Red " is now used as a name of the shade of red that was originally made using Cadmium.
  5. The French painter Henri Matisse ( 1869 1954 ) was one of the first prominent painters to use the new cadmium red.
  6. However, because of its cost and toxicity, it was almost entirely replaced by a new synthetic pigment, cadmium red, in the 20th century.
  7. Only recently, she said, has she been able to regard standard cadmium red as something more than an industrially concocted, aspiring-color interloper on her own palette.
  8. He even tried, without success, to persuade the older and more traditional Renoir, his neighbor in the south of France, to switch from vermilion to cadmium red.
  9. The colors are cadmium red and aquamarine turquoise, real industrial colors because Sottsass never used artist's colors on principle _ he thought of himself as an industrial designer.
  10. By the 20th century, the cost and toxicity of vermilion led to its gradually being replaced by synthetic pigments, particularly cadmium red, which had a comparable color and opacity.

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