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  1. Serious toxicity problems have resulted from long-term exposure to cadmium plating baths.
  2. The blades were made of cadmium plates rivetted to aluminium blades.
  3. Things made from cadmium plated steel can rust very quickly.
  4. Corrosion-resistance can be increased by cadmium plating or phosphating.
  5. Cadmium plating is replaced with zinc or nickel.
  6. End connections are often brass or steel, the better steel type having cadmium plating for corrosion resistance.
  7. The next year he joined the Udylite Corp . of Detroit, a company specializing in cadmium plating that wanted to diversify.
  8. Cells are usually made of a light and durable polyamide ( nylon ), with multiple nickel-cadmium plates welded together for each electrode inside.
  9. Cadmium is quite toxic; I have no idea how to cadmium plate things . ( e ) 03 : 47, Feb 3, 2005 ( UTC)
  10. Compared to cadmium plating, nickel plating offers a shinier and harder finish, but lower corrosion resistance, lubricity, and malleability, resulting in a tendency to crack or flake if the piece is further processed.

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