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  1. It was famous for its show, Cadgers races and sale of horses.
  2. In the fall of 1981 the group recorded a split ep with Cadgers ( who later evolved into Riistetyt.
  3. Cadgers abound now in Jakarta, the jobless victims of a yearlong economic crisis in Asia that refuses to let up.
  4. Going for-profit would be " an excellent move for Blue Cross, " says Mike Cadger of the consulting firm Coopers & AMP; Lybrand.
  5. In 1899 Charles Booth's survey found Orville Road occupied by  thieves, prostitutes, cadgers, loafers', the few decent residents being men with large families driven there  in despair of getting rooms elsewhere.
  6. Beith's annual fair, called Tennant's or Saint Tinnan's Day, was previously held on the Cuff Hill It was famous for its show, and interestingly it's Cadger's parade and sale of horses.
  7. Why should we in L . A ., second largest media center in America behind New York, undisputed movie capital of the planet, have to endure the obscene spectacle of dropping to our knees like a desperate street corner cadger and beg those NFL robber barons to throw us a crumb?
  8. While in service, Lowrence opportunistically plants in his master a desire for the largest and most valuable fish ( the mysterious " nekhering " ) from the cart of a passing fish merchant ( the cadger ) and uses his " demonstration " of how it can be stolen as a single ploy to outwit both the wolf and the man.

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