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अधिकृत जायदाद पंजी
जमाबंदी खाता
भूमि करपंजी
रजिस्टर बंदोबस्त
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  1. The municipality has 73 " g�rdsnummer " in the cadastre.
  2. Cadastre C is of interest in the biography of Quintus Curtius Rufus.
  3. Cadastre C must either overlap on those or be to the north.
  4. The open standard was developed by the Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority.
  5. In 1838, the farm was registered in a cadastre.
  6. Mixing was handled by Jon Sher and Noel Cadastre at Conway Studios.
  7. Previous name was �Gryttinar kirkja?mentioned in Aslak Bolt's cadastre.
  8. He was appointed at the Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority from 1921.
  9. Before Napoleon arrived a Cadastre and Civil registry were introduced.
  10. The Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority made a tourist map for the hotel.
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