cablegram meaning in Hindi

cablegram sentence in Hindi
• केबलग्राम
• तार
• समुद्री तार

• के बल तार
• केबिल तार
• कैबिलग्राम
• समुद्रीतार
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  1. The term " cablegram " is also sometimes used.
  2. Film actress Rosita Moreno received a cablegram on February 27, 1937.
  3. But subsequent cablegrams call Posada a " serious potential liability ."
  4. Alarmed, the American ambassador to Brazil sent a cablegram to his suzerain Cuba.
  5. "Not Convenient, " read Freud's two-word cablegram.
  6. He was able to show the cablegram to his friend George Bliss, a prominent New York lawyer.
  7. In August, he sent a cablegram confirming that he would run again as the Labour candidate for Subiaco.
  8. A series of July 1965 cablegrams asserts that the two men were plotting to attack Soviet and Cuban installations abroad.
  9. At that point, the cablegrams cryptically report, Posada was " instructed to disengage from activities ."
  10. In June 1896, Prime Minister one or more of the cablegrams implicating him in the Raid's planning.
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  1. a telegram sent abroad

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