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cable:    जहाज का रस्सा
moulding:    सजावटी गढ़ाई सांचे
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  1. Cable moulding is a decorative feature of the facade around each entry.
  2. Variations of cable moulding in diminishing courses terminating as foliated stop decorate the corbelling.
  3. In 1852 Paterson noted arrow-slits and cable mouldings of pre-14th century date.
  4. A hood mould over each face creates a domed surface on which sits a large cable moulding.
  5. It consists of a circular bowl with cable moulding, and a circular stem with foliate moulding on the base.
  6. Decoration comes in the form of granite-clad cast iron entry columns and cable mouldings, set against a Japanese-brick facade.
  7. Around the font rim runs a cable moulding, with leaf mouldings dropped below on three sides, and dog-tooth moulding on the fourth . " Pevsner " describes the font as " a splendid piece, due, however, perhaps to re-tooling ".
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