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cable:    जहाज का रस्सा
car:    लटकन छकड़ा लिफ़्ट
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  1. The cable car had been filled to capacity with skiers and snowboarders.
  2. Identities and thumbnails of those killed in the Alpine cable car accident:
  3. San Francisco is built on hills with cable cars climbing their sides.
  4. She then took a cable car to the top of Saentis mountain.
  5. Today, they can ride a cable car to a special viewing platform.
  6. The cable car was sent slamming into Mount Cermis, killing all aboard.
  7. Among other gifts, Brown will be taking a cable car to Shanghai.
  8. But actually we are considering linking the two places by cable car.
  9. It rained the whole time; we were sideswiped by a cable car.
  10. The Sentosa Cable Car station is housed in HarbourFront Tower 2.
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  1. a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway; "they took a cable car to the top of the mountain"

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