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केबिल भेजने का प्राधिकार
तार प्राधिकार केबिल भेजने का प्राधिकार
cable:    जहाज का रस्सा
authority:    विश्वस्त सूत्र से
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  1. So, for example, Sky Television publicly cited the Cable Authority as its regulator, even though no formal relationship existed between them.
  2. After leaving Scottish in January 1987, he became Controller of Programmes for the Cable Authority and latterly, cable programming controller for the Independent Television Commission.
  3. The "'Cable Authority "'was the United Kingdom statutory body established by the Cable and Broadcasting Act 1984 to regulate the newly liberalised cable television industry.
  4. Historically, all of independent television ( from 22 September 1955 ) and radio ( from 8 October 1973 ) was governed by the IBA ( Independent Broadcasting Authority )  joined by the Cable Authority in 1984.
  5. The ITC also began regulating non-terrestrial channels, whereas the IBA had only regulated ITV, Channel 4 and British Satellite Broadcasting; the ITC thus took over the responsibilities of the Cable Authority which had regulated the early non-terrestrial channels, which were only available to a very small audience in the 1980s.
  6. To maintain the momentum of the perceived commercial interest in this new investment opportunity, in 1983, the Government itself granted eleven interim franchises for new broadband systems each covering a community of up to around 100, 000 homes, but the competitive franchising process was otherwise left to the new regulatory body, the Cable Authority, which took on its powers from January 1, 1985.
  7. The small Cable Authority was also abolished, its powers transferred to the ITC . The act also changed the system of licence allocation for the franchises now legally known as "'Channel 3 "': the previous system where applicants needed to show good programming ideas and fine financial controls was replaced by highest-bidder auctions to determine the winner of each ITV regional franchise.
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