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  1. She is also the final boss of " Death by Degrees ".
  2. Suffice to note I was graduated by degrees, over an extended period.
  3. An " urning " can be further categorized by degree of effeminacy.
  4. The Crusaders absorbed pressure then worked their way by degrees onto attack.
  5. By degrees the Imperial Government had tightened the cordon around the Panthays.
  6. By degrees the Irish created a classical tradition in their own language.
  7. Some of Vald�s's writings were by degrees published in Italian translations.
  8. But by degrees changes have been made on all these points.
  9. Chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys are not categorised by degree of numerical rarity.
  10. And so, this is also a story of personhood, of growing by degrees.

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