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गणना के अनुसार
गणना द्वारा
by:    के निकट पास में बगल
count:    यूरोपिय देशों में
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  1. I got it off a gramophone record by Count John McCormack ".
  2. Shanks may have been assisted in the translation by Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich.
  3. He was replaced by Count Jan Dobrzensk?z Dobrzenicz as Grand Master.
  4. Its foundation stone was laid on 13 July 1603 by Count Isabella.
  5. Jonathan arrives at the castle and is greeted by Count Dracula himself.
  6. Ruzhyn was controlled soon after by Count Wi [ niowiecki ( ukr.
  7. He was killed by Count Kazimierz Poniatowski in a duel in 1744.
  8. The design of this fort was done by Count Valperga in 1670.
  9. It was commissioned by Count Alexander Stroganoff, the family's most prolific collector.
  10. Muri, Switzerland, which was founded in 1027 by Count Radebot von Habsburg.
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