bunker oil meaning in Hindi

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• बंकर तेल
bunker:    गड्ढा तलघर तहखाना
oil:    घी तेल रोगन रोग़न
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  1. It also operates bunker oil services in Trondheim Port and �lesund Port.
  2. Each 1 kg of bunker oil generates 3.1 kg of carbon dioxide.
  3. The Treasure went down carrying 1, 300 tons of heavy bunker oil.
  4. The beach currently is free of the waste bunker oil common further south.
  5. At the same time, two marine barges are mopping up the bunker oil.
  6. "' Scandinavian Bunkering "'is a global provider of bunker oil and lubricant for the shipping industry.
  7. Jamaica's electrical power is produced by diesel ( bunker oil ) generators located in Old Harbour.
  8. It was carrying 1, 300 tons of heavy bunker oil, but authorities are unsure how much leaked.
  9. On 10 February 1944, the ship was at anchor at Sey�isfj�r�ur, carrying a cargo of bunker oil.
  10. In 1983 the five head battery was operated by a Petter crude oil engine fuelled by bunker oil.
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