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• उभय प्रतिरोधन क्षमता
• बफरण क्षमता
• बफरण सामर्थ्य
• रोधन क्षमता
buffering:    उभय प्रतिरोधन
capacity:    कैपेसिटी गुंज़ाइश
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  1. :Actually, saliva is quite limited in its buffering capacity.
  2. Widely accepted risk factors are hyperventilation, prolonged circulation time, and reduced blood gas buffering capacity.
  3. The buffering capacity of saliva greatly impacts the pH of plaque surrounding the enamel, thereby inhibiting caries progression.
  4. The buffering capacity is very good.
  5. Lakes and ponds occurring on conglomerate tend to be clear, nutrient-poor, and very acidic, due to limited buffering capacity of the bedrock.
  6. :From the article that requires a subscription : At pH7, the buffering capacity ( dB / dpH ) looks like it's around 0.02.
  7. The removal of this berm also increases the lake's flood buffering capacity as well as provides habitat to a wide variety of life.
  8. In areas of extreme rainfall and high temperatures, the clay and humus may be washed out, further reducing the buffering capacity of the soil.
  9. The degree of buffering is limited by the CEC of the soil; the greater the CEC, the greater the buffering capacity of the soil.
  10. It does not characterize the amount of electrons available for oxidation or reduction, in much the same way that pH does not characterize the buffering capacity.
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