buffered solution meaning in Hindi

buffered solution sentence in Hindi

• उभय प्रतिरोधित
• बफरित विलयन
buffered:    उभय प्रतिरोधित
solution:    हल अलगाव घोला
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  1. EBT is blue in a buffered solution at pH 10.
  2. Alternatively the colour change of a para-Nitrophenylphosphate substrate in a buffered solution ( Aschaffenburg Mullen Test ) can be used.
  3. Titration plot of back-titration of excess EDTA with Cu ( II ) in NH 3 / NH 4 Cl buffered solution
  4. I know you can add acids or bases to a buffered solution, up to the buffer capacity, before the pH changes substantially.
  5. When measuring the capacitance of electrodes in a buffered solution, why is it advisable to operate the circuit at a high frequency ( above 1 MHz )?
  6. The sample is first incubated for 30 min . at 38 �C, in a buffered solution in the presence of " p "-nitrophenyl phosphate.
  7. After incubation of plasma with a buffered solution of adenosine the ammonia is reacted with a Berthelot reagent to form a blue colour which is proportionate to the amount of enzyme activity.
  8. Potassium ferrocyanide is used in a mixture with potassium ferricyanide and phosphate buffered solution to provide a buffer for beta-galactosidase, which is used to cleave X-Gal, giving a bright blue visualization where an antibody ( or other molecule ), conjugated to Beta-gal, has bonded to its target . On reacting with Fe ( 3 ) it gives a Prussian blue colour.
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