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• आकुंचित प्लेट
• सिकुडी प्लेट
plate:    फोटोग्राफी की
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  1. Later, some ships survived mine blasts, limping into port with buckled plates and broken backs.
  2. A series of near misses buckled plates and set fires, causing the ship to sink in shallow water ( ).
  3. Between 1881 and 1915, the floor of the bridge was washed away and later re-floored with iron girders and buckle plates taken from the original flooring of the May Pen bridge.
  4. The force of the impact buckled plating from " Saratoga "'s rail down to the waterline, leaving a hole . " Saratoga " began to list almost immediately, and the abandon ship signal was given soon after.
  5. With 11 bluejackets dead, " Kearny " limped into Reykjav�k, a gaping hole and buckled plating disfiguring her starboard side below and aft of the bridge . " Vulcan " provided timely and effective assistance to the stricken warship.
  6. A large chunk of ice broke off and brushed " Arneb's " port side, ripping a gash 12 feet long and one-half inch wide and once again flooding the holds as well as buckling plates, popping rivets, and opening seams.
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