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• कठिन मेहनत करना
buckle:    पेटी बकलस बकसुआ
to:    बन्द अवस्था में
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  1. Does the ratings board buckle to pressure from the big studios?
  2. Israelis say they will negotiate, but not buckle to violence.
  3. Arbitrators buckle to that kind of argument all the time.
  4. Flabby politicans often buckle to the extortion demands of sports franchise owners.
  5. Buckling to their demands now would weaken his political position.
  6. Princeton, he said, would not buckle to pressure.
  7. Clinton says Republicans buckled to special interests in budget fight.
  8. It has a Velcro buckle to keep in shut.
  9. But I do know all of them have championship buckles to their credit.
  10. NTI / VVM refused to buckle to this pressure.
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