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buckle:    पेटी बकलस बकसुआ
down:    निगलकर शरीर के
to:    बन्द अवस्था में
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  1. So was he now ready to buckle down to his gubernatorial duties?
  2. In Europe, it's horizontal, and you have to buckle down to load it.
  3. They are buckling down to make a level playing field.
  4. So he buckled down to find out how his charts could have been so wrong.
  5. Hogan switched to a business major, set basketball aside and buckled down to his studies.
  6. Inevitably, Malaysia is buckling down to tougher times.
  7. "That's not a sign of a Congress that has buckled down to serious legislating, " he said.
  8. But the sudden death of his father caused him to quit sports and buckle down to pre-med studies.
  9. Facing 176 to avoid an innings'defeat, Zimbabwe buckled down to the task, with six batsmen making good contributions.
  10. It was precisely the Hollywood touch not needed by anyone trying to buckle down to fantasies of cracking Hollywood.
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