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• बुखोल्ज रिले
relay:    डाक प्रसारण रिले
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  1. Buchholz relays have a test port to allow the accumulated gas to be withdrawn for testing.
  2. The Buchholz relay is used as a protective device sensitive to the effects of dielectric failure inside the equipment.
  3. Oil filled transformers with a conservator ( oil reservoir ) may have a gas detector relay ( Buchholz relay ).
  4. Transformers without conservators are usually equipped with sudden pressure relays, which perform a similar function as the Buchholz relay.
  5. The transformer was also protected by a Buchholz relay which monitored any gas build-up within the cooling / insulating oil, as the acetylene ( ethyne ) gas generated is highly explosive.
  6. An oil-immersed transformer may be equipped with a Buchholz relay, which, depending on severity of gas accumulation due to internal arcing, is used to either alarm or de-energize the transformer.
  7. In the field of electric power distribution and transmission, a "'Buchholz relay "'is a safety device mounted on some oil-filled power transformers and reactors, equipped with an external overhead oil reservoir called a " conservator ".
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