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  1. He brushes by a crap table and the dice turn snake eyes.
  2. Now, we brush by them, don't even know they are there ."
  3. Then store the brush by laying it flat in a dry location.
  4. "I just got close enough to brush by her, " she said.
  5. Models in long skirts brush by others in clinging hot pants.
  6. It is applied with a brush by either oil gilding or water gilding.
  7. Later, standing in the corridor, he wordlessly watched Papon brush by.
  8. The score is conducted with a broad brush by Richard Hickox.
  9. Shoulder-to-shoulder throngs brush by 34 sandstone figures that line the parapets.
  10. "Gear " featured black-and-white artwork mostly created with an ink brush by TenNapel.
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