brooch meaning in Hindi

brooch sentence in Hindi
• जड़ाऊ पिन
• जुगनू
• धुकधुकी
• जड़ाऊ पिन
• एक प्रकार का गहना
• ब्रूच

• जडाऊ पिन
• ब्रोच
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  1. Rhinestone brooches or feathers were pinned to the models'hair.
  2. No one has bought the brooch as yet, Winston said.
  3. One is a brooch with trembling wings of diamonds and sapphires.
  4. T-shirt fastened over one shoulder with a vintage brooch.
  5. Mrs . Wright proudly wears a new Peacock brooch every year.
  6. Goes with FB-BROOCH . CREDIT : Scott Wheeler / Lakeland
  7. The exhibit also includes the Phoenix Brooch, designed in 1983.
  8. She wore a dark-blue jacket with a golden brooch.
  9. The burial ground was unearthed when Adams found two copper brooches.
  10. Several diamond rings and one emerald were made from her brooch.
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  1. a decorative pin worn by women
  1. fasten with or as if with a brooch

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