bring round meaning in Hindi

bring round sentence in Hindi
• नाव घुमाना
• पटाना
• कायल करना
• मना लेना
• होश में लाना
• नाव घुमाना
bring:    पहुँचाना लगाना ला
round:    गाय के जाँघ का एक
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  1. He could pick up the phone and ask the Central Bank of Zaire to bring round dlrs 500, 000.
  2. Fernando di Filippo Jr . is a man with a mission-- to bring round-the-clock American-style home shopping to Europe.
  3. In an article for " Game Informer ", Jeff Marchiafava named him the fictional character he'd bring round for Thanksgiving if he could.
  4. More important, the artists and their families are expected to bring round-the-clock vibrancy back to a downtown that is moribund after 6 p . m.
  5. The firms say they just wanted an orderly beginning to what they hope will become a pioneering effort to bring round-the-clock trading to the masses.
  6. Says Jose Mutombo-Kady, a Zairian opposition leader, " He ( Mobutu ) could pick up the phone and ask the Central Bank of Zaire to bring round 500, 000 dollars ."
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  1. return to consciousness; "These pictures bring back sad memories"
    synonyms:bring to, bring back, bring around
  2. cause to adopt an opinion or course of action; "His urgent letter finally brought me around to give money to the school"
    synonyms:bring around

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