bring over meaning in Hindi

bring over sentence in Hindi

• ले आना
• लाना
• कायल करना
• मना लेना
bring:    पहुँचाना लगाना ला
over:    बहुतायत शेष
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  1. Howard says, " is that I have a story to bring over here.
  2. Together, they bring over one thousand students into the downtown core every day.
  3. She said she is planning to bring over her grandmother's remains.
  4. The company will bring over 700 jobs to the local area.
  5. Like many immigrants, Misrie saved money to bring over her siblings.
  6. To help bolster Free Country's power they bring over five innately powerful children.
  7. Third, that they are able to bring over their parents and Sakib's girlfriend.
  8. And he knew who he could bring over to his side.
  9. Koelewijn led projects to bring over 70, 000 Ukrainian and Ethiopian Jews to Israel.
  10. He hopes eventually to bring over his girlfriend, get married and find a job.
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