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bring:    पहुँचाना लगाना ला
bring home:    घर लाएँ
home:    वतन आश्रय कुटुंब
the:    वही यह वह वही वह
bacon:    हम बेकन सूअर का
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  1. A : Soon, you will be able to bring home the bacon.
  2. We all know what " bring home the bacon " means, right?
  3. "If you want someone to bring home the bacon, it's Bob Torricelli.
  4. Lionesses bring home the bacon, seahorse dads tote their young in pouches.
  5. Does Dad bring home the bacon to two children and stay-at-home, slipper-bearing Mom?
  6. It also failed to bring home the bacon, as it were.
  7. Corporate polluters bring home the bacon, and taxpayers get fried in the pan.
  8. Corporate polluters bring home the bacon and the taxpayers get burned.
  9. What matters, he says, is his ability to bring home the bacon to Tennessee.
  10. That way, they can stand still, look stupid and still bring home the bacon.
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  1. supply means of subsistence; earn a living; "He provides for his large family by working three jobs"; "Women nowadays not only take care of the household but also bring home the bacon"
  2. attain success or reach a desired goal; "The enterprise succeeded"; "We succeeded in getting tickets to the show"; "she struggled to overcome her handicap and won"
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