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ब्रीच यंत्रावली
breech:    नालपृष्ठ पेंदा
mechanism:    क्रियाविधि तंत्र
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  1. The model 1871 included a locking bolt in the breech mechanism.
  2. The barrel is a forging screwed into the breech mechanism.
  3. The breech mechanism is a split sliding-block breech.
  4. This grime was then deposited directly into the breech mechanism, worsening the problem.
  5. In 1927 Vollmer also obtained a patent covering the breech mechanism of the weapon.
  6. The Mark 6 Mod 0 only differed from the Mark 5 by its breech mechanism.
  7. The Mod 10 used Breech Mechanism Mark 9 instead of the Mark 8 on the previous Mods.
  8. In 1837 Wahrendorff applied for patent on a new breech mechanism, later known as the Wahrendorff breech.
  9. "The breech mechanism is operated by means of a lever on the right side of the breech.
  10. The breech mechanism is similar to that used on the 8 inch howitzers both in design and operation ".
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