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विच्छेद संपर्कक
break:    अन्तर अवकाश अवसर
contact:    मिलन रोग
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  1. Stunningly, someone forces her to break contact with her father, Ryland Miller.
  2. Oddy decided to break contact, directing his men to leave their heavy packs.
  3. After Destiny breaks contact with her, she believes she made a grave mistake.
  4. They also seem to grasp their opponents when they break contact and push them away.
  5. But make sure they don't accidentally break contact and give a false 0 reading .-- Anonymous
  6. Connors breaks contact and the captain sends his lieutenant and two men to bring them in.
  7. Heated air is usually supplied to the pockets where the sheet breaks contact with the driers.
  8. At 18 : 30 the NVA attempted to break contact, but the artillery prevented their withdrawal.
  9. Jordan breaks contact with Ben and withdraws the support Ben needs to open a new auto dealership.
  10. Finally, by 19 : 00 B Company was able break contact and withdrew after a five-hour battle.
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