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break bulk sentence in Hindi

• जल पातन
• भार-विभाजन
break:    अन्तर अवकाश अवसर
bulk:    अम्बार आकार बड़ा
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  1. The break bulk cargo terminal is specialised in handling timber, metal products.
  2. Before containerization, goods were usually handled manually as break bulk cargo.
  3. Break bulk cargo needs to be water resistant and heavy duty.
  4. After Linjegods took over break bulk cargo, cargo handling at Holmestrand was terminated.
  5. It displaced many thousands of dock workers who formerly handled break bulk cargo.
  6. Break bulk cargo also suffered from greater theft and damage.
  7. The transfer of bulk and break bulk will be expensive at the dry port.
  8. In the 1960s, container trade overtook traditional break bulk shipping.
  9. Principal port activities include cruise shipping and the importation of break bulk and vehicles.
  10. There are two main types of dry cargo : bulk cargo and break bulk cargo.
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