brake shoe meaning in Hindi

brake shoe sentence in Hindi

ब्रेक गट्टा
ब्रेक शू
brake:    ब्रेक लगाना आरोध
shoe:    जूता नाल रोक नाल
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  1. Dynamic braking reduced wear and tear on brake shoes, reducing maintenance costs.
  2. There are two brake shoes or brake pads used at each wheel.
  3. The braking is double-sided; it's made using brake shoes-two for each wheel.
  4. In 1955, Bill Denison sold his business to American Brake Shoe.
  5. Springs can break from fatigue if not replaced along with worn brake shoes.
  6. To counter this effect, brake shoes were drilled and slotted to vent gas.
  7. Cast steel ribbed brake drums; cast alloy brake shoes; cast iron segments lining.
  8. Asbestos brake shoes made school buses stop quicker and safer.
  9. The brake shoes are held in place by reactor spring.
  10. In the UK two common grades of brake shoe material used to be available.
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  1. a restraint provided when the brake linings are moved hydraulically against the brake drum to retard the wheel''s rotation

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